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Aerial Photography and Video by Drone - FAQs


Your drone operator needs to have insurance that is compliant with EC-785-2004. Always ask to see proof of cover (If the Drone operator crashes, injures someone on your premises or damages property and are not insured, you need to consider who will be liable if you have employed them.....


Anyone can own a drone but you should use a trained and qualified company for commercial work

Distance restrictions:

There are significant 'proximity' restrictionist you wish to fly within 50m of people / property or objects that are not under your control. A professional drone operator will work within the law to enable closer proximity flying.

Health and Safety:

Your Drone pilot should conduct both a remote and on-site risk assessment. This should be available for you to see.

Choosing a good drone pilot:

Always ask to see their:

  • EC-785-2004 compliant insurance policy

  • Risk Assessment

We will be delighted to discuss your aerial drone photography and aerial drone video needs. Depending on the work, our fees start at £199+VAT per property*

Contact us for a quote without obligation - 07796 940193 

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